EQyss Grooming Products

EQyss Grooming Products has leveled up my whole grooming game! The Avocado Mist Conditioner?? That avocado scent? I might just start using it on myself. 😉 Say goodbye to tangles and hello to a coat that shines like the sun.

If you see me and my horses glowing, you know the secret’s out.

Bucas Blankets

Unfortunately, frosty mornings are not so far off. I have one answer for anyone who just mildly panicked about blanketing: Bucas blankets. These things are like a warm hug on a cold day and keep my horses warm and cozy.

But you know what’s even cooler? These blankets are tougher than a barn cat. They’ve got that “indestructible” thing down pat. No matter how much Zulu thinks that he’s the Hulk, Bucas blankets can handle it. From crazy paddock games to hay-roll antics, these blankets are up for anything.

Voltaire Design

There’s nothing quite like the enthusiasm and potential of young horses. I am lucky enough to be part of the training process for several green beans, and I love the process!

But let’s be real—baby horse moments are part of the package. That’s where my Voltaire Design saddle steps in. It’s more than a saddle; it keeps me centered, no matter the twists and turns.

Royal Rider Stirrups

Royal Rider Stirrups might just be my new favorite thing in the stirrup world. Feeling secure while staying incredibly lightweight – it’s like a dream come true! These stirrups are the perfect companion for every ride, giving me the confidence to conquer any challenge.

Champion Equestrian Wear

Never.Ride.Without.Them.Again. My Champion Equestrian Wear Helmet ensures my safety and style, while Royal Rider Stirrups provide balance and support; both are from Toklat Originals! And my cherished Voltaire Design Saddle? It’s the key to the perfect connection with my horses!

Use my code BHEBETS15 at checkout for 15% odd or DM me for a printable coupon to use at your local tack shop to try our any Toklat Originals!

Perfect Products

Perfect Products is so easy to use and so effective that it feels like magic! It is definitely on my horse show essentials list. This magic elixir helps my horses stay focused, calm, and collected, ensuring a positive experience each show day.

Alpha2EQ by Astaria Global

I am so excited to announce that Hebets Miller Eventing is joining team Alpha2EQ by Astaria Global!

The Alpha2EQ kits use biology to address lameness, joint inflammation, and soft tissue injury. It is a pretty wild process! Through the Alpha2EQ process, vets are able to separate plasma from your horse’s blood and inject that into the problem areas. Think about it like your regular joint injections, but super charged and more effective because it comes from protein the horse already produces! Alpha2EQ has been used in treatment of navicular, bursitis, tendon issues… you name it! I have definitely noticed a difference! I am thrilled to be an Alpha2EQ sponsored rider!!

EQyss Grooming Products

Why settle for imitations when you can have the real deal? From shampoos to conditioners, sprays to detanglers, EQyss Grooming Products has got it all covered. There’s only one brand allowed in my grooming kit and it’s EQyss. Accept no imitations, folks! It’s the secret to a horse that shines like a disco ball and smells like a field of wildflowers.