Two of our favorite Draw It Out Horse Health Care Solutions products are their Silver Hoof EQ Therapy cream and Rapid Relief Restorative Cream (and spray).

Rapid Relief is like a band-aid in a jar. 🩹 Perfect for life’s scrapes and bumps and all the stuff that horses somehow manage to get… With two kinds of zinc, shea butter, arnica, chamomile, aloe vera and Manuka honey, it forms a moisturizing yet water-resistant barrier which allows and accelerates healing. No dyes, fragrances or drying alcohol, and it’s show-safe which is always nice.

Silver Hoof is a little jar of wonder. It works to combat microbial infections (thrush, rot etc.) while balancing moisture content and creating a breathable moisture barrier. Glycerine, zinc and silver nitrate are the powerhouse ingredients alongside keratin, arnica, tea tree oil (a miracle worker in itself), thyme oil and more Manuka honey.

I love how #DrawItOut always has exactly what we need.