A rare opportunity at Cabin Branch Farm

A rare opportunity at Cabin Branch Farm!

We have TWO open stalls for training horses at our beautiful facility in Marshall, VA.

CBF is a dream property! We have three wash stalls with hot and cold water, miles and miles of trails, cross country schooling with water complex and fences from Elementary to Preliminary, and spacious indoor and outdoor arenas.
Brittany is an up-and-coming event and dressage rider who is passionate about creating confident communication between horses and riders at all levels, in and out of the arena.

This is a fantastic opening for someone looking for help producing their young horse, or for someone looking for help with a “tricky” horse.
Call or text Brittany at 928-380-0014 for more information!

Cabin Branch Farm in Marshall, Virginia

As the trainer behind Hebets Miller Eventing, I am beyond excited to extend a warm invitation for you and your horse to join me at Cabin Branch Farm in Marshall, Virginia! It’s an incredible opportunity to embark on a new journey filled with growth, achievements, and a healthy dose of laughter!

At Cabin Branch Farm, we have crafted an exceptional environment for both horse and rider. From the spacious and comfortable stalls to the state-of-the-art arenas, every detail has been designed to enhance your equestrian experience. Boarding at Cabin Branch Farm means immersing yourself in a dynamic learning environment. Together, we’ll refine your skills, develop a strong partnership with your horse, and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

DM me for more information or email Cabin Branch Farm directly at cbfequestrian@gmail.com